Ways to Organise Books

The link below is to an article that looks at some 15 ways to organise your books. I don’t use any of these methods. I use a personalised version of the Dewey system, which if your familiar with Dewey will mean you can more-or-less follow my way of doing things.

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How to Approach Book Reviewers

The link below is to an article that looks at the right way to approach book reviewers.

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Article: Ebook Reading and the Way You read

The link below is to an article that comments on how ebook reading has changed the way the writer of the article reads – is it so with you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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Article: Riffle

The following link is to an article on the web application Riffle – a way to discover new books and share books with friends.

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Article: Shelflook

The following link is to an article on the iphone app – shelflook. An app that allows the reading of book spines in an easier way at the bookshop.

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Amazon: Ebooks Outselling Printed Books

Once upon a time I was never a fan of ebooks – that has changed. I love them and I don’t even have an ebook reader (I use my laptop). I am thinking of getting one though. The number of books available now (in print and out of print) and the number that can be owned in such a small space has convinced me otherwise.

It would seem that the world is seeing the ebook revolution in a similar type of way, with the world’s largest bookseller (Amazon) now telling us that they sell more ebooks that printed books.

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