Finished Reading: John Calvin and His Passion for the Majesty of God, by John Piper

John CalvinJohn Calvin by John Piper
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book can be best described as a rudimentary introduction to the life and principles of John Calvin. With that in mind, it is good and useful as far as it goes. Hopefully, it will whet the appetite for further research of the greatest of the Reformers by readers of it.

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2018 Man Booker International Winner

The links below are to articles looking at the winner of the 2018 Man Booker International Prize.

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2018 Miles Franklin Longlist

The link below is to an article that takes a look at the longlist for the 2018 Miles Franklin Literary Award.

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System Restored

I am very thankful. Having battled away for the past 48 hours trying to salvage files, I have now also been able to get into the system restore feature on my computer, attempt to restore the system and… it worked. Very thankful. It is working again.

I now need to bring the various Blogs back online and to start posting again.

Computer Problems

The latest Windows 10 update has basically trashed my computer. The update was installed automatically, so I wasn’t expecting it to happen. I had just turned the computer on and when I returned to it after allowing it to boot, there it was ‘installing.’ Anyhow, it failed and the computer is now unusable.

So what this means is that I will not be able to post in the ‘usual’ way for some time – very disappointing.

Finished Reading: Unbreakable by Jelena Dokic

UnbreakableUnbreakable by Jelena Dokic
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book didn’t include great writing, however, the subject matter made up for it. This was a powerful, yet sad story. What a terrible father and what terrible abuse this poor girl suffered. Thankfully she has come out the other side, with scars no doubt, but she has come out the other side. I loved her tennis back in the day, but of course, didn’t understand the back story.

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