Ebook Reader Apps

The link below is to an article that lists 15 ebook reader apps that the writer considers the best. As always, check out the comments section below the article for ‘alternative’ views as to what is the best ebook reader (oftentimes not listed in the article), especially if what you are after is not in the provided list. However, you should be able to find what you need in the list provided.

I, of course, use the Kindle ebook app whenever I need to use an app, though generally I use my Paperwhite. I do find the Moon Reader + app to be a very good ebook reader app also.

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Caution for Buying Onyx Boox Ebook Readers

The link below is to an article that offers a word of caution before buying an Onyx Boox Ebook Reader.

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How to Load Google Play Books on Your Pocketbook Ebook Reader

The link below is to an article that looks at how to load Google Play books onto a Pocketbook Ebook Reader.

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