Kindle Notes and Highlights Update

The link below is to an article that takes a look at the latest update for kindle Notes and Highlights.

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Kindle Ebook Reader Update

The link below is to an article that looks at an important update required for certain Kindle Ebook Readers (including mine) – there is only a week to go before wireless features no longer work without the update.

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From My Armchair: 07 July 2014

It has been a long time since I uploaded a post of this nature. In fact, one of the reasons I have probably not done so for a while was the amount of time that went into preparing such a post. It actually took quite a bit of time to put one together. This is time that I found better use for – time for reading was just one better way to use that time. So I needed to streamline the process somewhat and not to be so exhaustive. So hopefully that is something I have now achieved – or will achieve with this post and all future ones. I’m sure that it will continue to be a process of discovery, evaluation and refinement.

Over at Goodreads (which I will mention again later) I have set my annual reading challenge at 100 books/ebooks – which is up from 25 last year. Currently I have read 44 books/ebooks, which puts me 7 behind schedule. That might sound like a major descrepancy, but about 6 weeks ago I was well ahead of schedule and didn’t read anything for a little while – hence the backlog. I still think I can make up the current shortfall before the end of the year. Indeed, I hope to have several books/ebooks read over the next week or so.

I have been busy (if that’s the right way to put it) gathering more books/ebooks, with my traditional/digital libraries growing by some 50 works over the last couple of weeks – thankfully most have been ebooks, so accomodating them hasn’t been too difficult. Physically it is very near to impossible for me to house many more traditional books.


Social Networks, Web Applications & Other Tools

I continue to be active on the Internet, with various updates being made from time to time at Goodreads, as well as very regular posts to both my book/reading Blogs. The various links are listed below.

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Currently Reading:

I have a number of books that I am currently reading. I post progress updates to Goodreads, so that will provide a way to see my current progress at any particular time.

So what am I currently reading:

  • Foundations of the Christian Faith, by James Montgomery Boice
  • Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine, by Wayne Grudem
  • A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith, by Robert L. Reymond
  • The Attraction of the Cross, by Gardiner Spring
  • A Memoir of the Life and Writings of Andrew Fuller, by Thomas Ekins Fuller
  • The Next Story – Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion, by Tim Challies
  • The Message of the New Testament – Promises Kept, by Mark Dever
  • The Bourne Supremacy (Book 2), by Robert Ludlum
  • Welcome to the Funny Farm – The All-True Misadventures of a Woman on the Edge, by Karen Scalf Linamen
  • Evangelical Theology – A Biblical and Systematic Introduction, by Michael F. Bird
  • Evernote for Dummies (2nd Edition), by David E. Y. Sarna


Finished Reading:

I haven’t finished anything in the last week or so. Clearly I need to read more.


Ebook Wish Lists

I have several ebook wish lists and over the next little while I’ll be working at getting these organised a little. Currently I have three ebook wish lists with Amazon, one simply labelled ‘Kevin’s Wish List,’ which was where I was simply placing every ebook I was interested in for quite some time. I am now working to break that list into ‘Christian Ebooks’ and ‘Other Ebooks.’ I also have my ‘Top Ten Wish List’ as well. If you would like to buy me an ebook copy of any of these books, you can visit the lists below (and I offer thanks in advance).

These lists can currently be viewed at:

Top Ten Wish List

Christian Ebooks

Other Ebooks

Kevin’s Wish List


The Book Stand

I have all manner of Blogs and websites at different places on the web. I have three Blogs at tumblr and one of those is a site for ebooks that are currently available for free or are on special. Most of the ebooks highlighted on the Blog are for the Kindle, but there are other selections from time to time. The site is simply called ‘The Book Stand.’

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Particular Baptist Reading Group

I have a reading group over at Goodreads called the ‘Particular Baptist Reading Group.’ The group is for Particular and Reformed Baptists in particular, though other Christians are still welcome and will find the reading material of great value. Anyone can join and all are welcome – just keep in mind that it is a moderated, Christian reading group.

The idea is that a chapter/portion of a book will be posted once a week, with discussions concerning the chapter/portion taking place within the group at Goodreads. A number of books have been read by the group and currently we are working our way through ‘A Memoir of the Life and Writings of Andrew Fuller,’ by Thomas Ekins Fuller.

Visit and Sign up at: