Creative Ways to Display Books

OK, I’m more of a conventional, traditional bibliophile in the way that I store and display books. I use the bookcase/bookshelves approach – others like to be a bit more ‘showy’ in their approach. I prefer my books to be useful, to be like my tools – not mere dust catchers. The link below is to an article that looks at 5 ways to creatively display books, which isn’t really my cup of tea (which I don’t drink – so much for traditional then), but could be someone else’s I guess.

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Beautiful and Playful Bookcase Staircase Designs


There’s something irresistible about an attractive bookcase and staircase combination. We love getting lost in a good book, so perhaps it’s the idea that a staircase can physically transport us to a different place the way a book can in our mind. These shelf/stair hybrids from designers and architects recently caught our eye — and like all things bookish, we had to share the best of the best with you.

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Digital Library Wallpaper

One of the ‘downsides’ of a largely ebook library is that it is very difficult to use your ebooks as a visual display – an ebook reader on a shelf is not the same as a physical book library, though there are definite advantages in having a digital library. The link below is to an article which allows you to have the best of both worlds.

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Here’s a Bed That Looks Like a Book


Artist Ruth Beale has created “Bookbed”, a bed-sized book that is on display as part of an exhibition produced with Peckham Library in London.

At the adjacent public gallery Peckham Platform, the bright red “cover” topped with a striped mattress and white pages made of duvets is supposed to promote libraries as places where creativity happens.

“Libraries are one of the few meeting points between society and the individual, public and private,” the artist said in a statement. “They represent more than the sum of their parts because they offer us both practical services and the potential for educational and cultural development.”

According to a review of the piece by contemporary art magazine this is tomorrow, “The bed as book is a neat allusion to the pleasures of reading, and symbolic of our relationship to the library books that we borrow, how they leave public spaces and enter our private…

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