Updated: 19 December 2021

This Blog has now become an archived site, with past posts still acessible here. The Book Stand (tumblr) Blog is also now an archived site, with past posts still accessible there. The Blog has now fully moved across to a Facebook Page, ‘At the BookShelf.’

To visit:
At the BookShelf (Facebook Page)

At the BookShelf is a Blog about Books. For many years my friends have known about my greatest hobby – the collecting and reading (some would also add – organising) of books, especially theological and historical books. My other great hobby is websites. Now I am combining my love of books with my love of making websites – what a wonderful combination.

Now I can share my passion for books with an even wider audience, linking together my various web sites (including GoodReads, my web site, The Book Stand, etc) dealing with books. All of these various sites will bring together my entire personal library and reading experiences, while also allowing me to share what I have learnt and read with visitors to my sites. The Blog and my other sites also open up a wonderful opportunity for interaction with my visitors through the various forms of discussion available.

So look around and enjoy the experience.


Who I Review For:

In times past I have reviewed a couple of books for Thomas Nelson and for Oxford University Press. What basically happened is they sent me a book to review. I got to keep the book for providing the review. I read the book and posted my review of the book on the Blog here.

I didn’t get paid for providing these book reviews – but I did get to keep the books I reviewed for them. In return I gave my honest review of the book – without being influenced by the publisher. You got what I really thought about the book I reviewed. If I didn’t like the book – I would say so. If I dodn’t get any more books to review – well, that’s the way it went. My book reviewing integrity is not for sale.

See my disclosure policy at:

I no longer review books under these arrangements for anybody – I choose the books I review and source the books myself, whether available free on the web somewhere or I purchase them online/offline. My choice – my review.


The Book Stand – Now an Archived Site (19 December 2021):

I have another Blog called ‘The Book Stand‘ on Tumblr. It is a place to find free books in both Kindle and/or pdf formats. The books posted as free were free at the time of posting, so you do need to check the ‘freeness’ of the book before getting the book. From time to time there will also be good book offers for buying posted. See the ‘About‘ page at The Book Stand for more information.


At the BookShelf (Instagram) – Still Operating (19 December 2021):

I have now set up an account at Instagram for At the BookShelf where I will be posting photos of books I buy (some of them anyway), the books I’m reading, etc. So please follow me there also if you like.

Visit At the BookShelf on Instagram at:


Kevin, At The BookShelf … With My Head in a Book.

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