7 Hidden Calibre Features

The link below is to an article that takes a look at 7 ‘hidden’ features of the Calibre ebook management software.

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Managing Kindle Ebooks with Calibre

The link below is to an article that takes a look at managing Kindle ebooks with Calibre.

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Ebook Ownership

The link below is to an article that takes a look at ebook ownership and the differences between books and ebooks.

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New Gift Option with Kindle Books

The links below are to articles that look at a new gifting option with Kindle Books.

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Microsoft Edge Browser Update for iPad and iPhone Supports Ebooks

The link below is to an article reporting on the latest update to Microsoft’s Edge Browser, including support for ebooks.

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Google One – Online Ebook Storage Solution?

The link below is to an article that considers the new Google One service as a possible online ebook storage solution.

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Ebooks Too Expensive?

The link below is to an article that asks ‘are ebooks too expensive in 2018?’

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I certainly don’t agree with all of the comments in the article, though they seem typical for this particular writer.

Microsoft Improving Ebook Experience with Latest Windows 10 Update

The link below is to an article that looks at the improvement in ebook experience with the latest Microsoft 10 update due tomorrow.

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