Gifts for the Harry Potter Fan

The link below is to an article that takes a look at gifts for the Harry Potter fan.

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The Battle Against Amazon in Australia

Readers of my Blog will know that I am a fan of Amazon and in particular the Kindle/Kindle Bookstore. I am not paid by Amazon and neither do I receive any perks from Amazon for being so. This is a choice I have made. In fact, I haven’t purchased anything else from Amazon – only ebooks. I think I present the other side of the equation via this Blog, even when I don’t necessarily agree with the other side – at times I do like to add a comment or two, such as here.

The link below is to an article that draws on the anti-Amazon forces here in Australia and I leave it to my readers to make up there own mind about who they will purchase ebooks from. I am happy with the Kindle and Kindle ebooks, but I would prefer to be able to have a more open format which would allow me to read my ebooks on whatever device I choose to without having to use Amazon devices. I also dislike the disparity in ebook prices depending on what country you are in, as well as several other little issues I have. 

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Article: Amazon & Money Making – Shock, Horror!!!

There has been plenty of Amazon bashing over the years, with seasons of particular ‘violence’ against the business. I know plenty of people seem to have an issue with Amazon, however I have to confess to being a fan of Amazon (I’m also a fan of Google, Microsoft – Apple not so much). The link below is to an article that reports on another example of Amazon bashing.

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Book Review: The Bourne Identity, by Robert Ludlum

I am a big fan of the Jason Bourne movies (the first three anyway). I don’t know what the fourth one (The Bourne Legacy) will be like without Matt Damon, but I’m still keen to see it. So it was having watched the movies that I decided to read the books. Wow, what a massive difference between the movie and the book. There are obvious similarities, but they are quite different from each other just the same.

The Bourne Identity‘The Bourne Identity’ is action all the way and is a great read. It is a book that is always on the go and suspense carries you foward through the book. You want to read on and see what happens to Jason Bourne next. Will
he be able to rise to the next challenge that is thrown in his way, especially given that he is trying to figure it all out as he goes along, as well as trying to figure out just who he himself is – while also seeking to protect a woman he has picked up along the way.

This is the spy book of spy books. It is an action read at the top of its game. Jason Bourne is the master spy relearning his craft as the memory of who he is and what he is returns to him with each thrilling piece of the jig saw that is ‘The Bourne Identity.’ Once you start, you want to keep on reading and as the pace quickens you find yourself seemingly reading with an increased tempo, as you’re right there with Jason Bourne every step of the way.

An excellent first read in the Jason Bourne series. I am very much looking forward to the next volume with great expectancy. I highly recommend this book.

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Reading: The Bourne Identity

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Bourne IdentityToday had been quite unpleasant outside. It has been pouring with rain at times, then not. When it hasn’t been it has been blowing a gale and it is also quite cold. It’s bucketing down yet again. So very little has been able to be accomplished outside today. No great outdoors for me on this wet and miserable day.

I have been spending a bit of time, as a consequence of the weather, reading ‘The Bourne Identity,’ by Robert Ludlum. I haven’t read the Bourne series of books before, but have seen the movies many times. I’m a big fan of the Jason Bourne movies. However, having seen the movies it has been difficult to some degree reading the book. The book is very different to the movie, more so than what ‘The Hunt for Red October’ was to the film version. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still enjoying the…

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Reading: The Hunt for Red October and Jason Bourne

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I am a big fan of Tom Clancy novels and in particular the Jack Ryan series. A number of years ago I read all of the novels published in the series up until the time I moved house and so for the last 5 years I haven’t read any new ones. When I moved I decided I needed to clean out some of my books (and I have a huge library), so I figured the majority of my fiction books could be cleaned out. I always regretted moving the Tom Clancy novels along, though I figured that at some point I could reclaim them as ebooks, which I am now beginning to do.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start reading the series again – right from the beginning. I hesitated as to what order I should read them, given that Patriot Games really was set before The…

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Article: Google Book Suit

The link below is to an article reporting on the suit being brought against Google for alleged copyright infringement. Being a big fan of the Google Books project, I would dearly love to see a solution that allows the project go ahead, yet be a very good thing for authors with copyrighted works.

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Article: Three Cups of Tea Scandal

If you are/were a fan of the book ‘Three Cups of Tea’ by Greg Mortenson, it would seem you have been duped, especially if you donated to Mortenson’s charity. Read all about the scandal via the links below.

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Article: Traditional Books Better for Memory Retention

The following link is to an article suggesting that reading a physical book (traditional book) will aid the memory more than an ebook. I think memorising something is a little more sophisticated than that, but then again I am an ebook fan.

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