Article: Books for Soldiers

The link below is to an historical piece on book collecting for soldiers overseas during World War I.

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Book Review: The Bourne Identity, by Robert Ludlum

I am a big fan of the Jason Bourne movies (the first three anyway). I don’t know what the fourth one (The Bourne Legacy) will be like without Matt Damon, but I’m still keen to see it. So it was having watched the movies that I decided to read the books. Wow, what a massive difference between the movie and the book. There are obvious similarities, but they are quite different from each other just the same.

The Bourne Identity‘The Bourne Identity’ is action all the way and is a great read. It is a book that is always on the go and suspense carries you foward through the book. You want to read on and see what happens to Jason Bourne next. Will
he be able to rise to the next challenge that is thrown in his way, especially given that he is trying to figure it all out as he goes along, as well as trying to figure out just who he himself is – while also seeking to protect a woman he has picked up along the way.

This is the spy book of spy books. It is an action read at the top of its game. Jason Bourne is the master spy relearning his craft as the memory of who he is and what he is returns to him with each thrilling piece of the jig saw that is ‘The Bourne Identity.’ Once you start, you want to keep on reading and as the pace quickens you find yourself seemingly reading with an increased tempo, as you’re right there with Jason Bourne every step of the way.

An excellent first read in the Jason Bourne series. I am very much looking forward to the next volume with great expectancy. I highly recommend this book.

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Article: What Kindle to Buy?

The link below is to an article which is really an opinion piece on what Kindle to buy. If looking to buy a Kindle ebook reader, I would recommend the following linked to article.

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Article: Awesome Things About Books

The link below is to an article reporting on five awesome things about books. It’s really an opinion piece about books.

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Article: Art Piece – Home

The link below is to an article about an art piece in the MagnanMetz Gallery in New York City called ‘Home.’ By the way, it’s made of books and looks like an igloo.

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