Article: What Readers Owe Authors

The link below is to an article that expresses a fairly strong opinion on the matter of what readers owe authors.

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Article: 100 Must Read Books

The link below is to an article that lists 100 must read books – of course, this is open to personal opinion. What do you think? Any must read books not included? Share in the comments.

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Article: E-Reading

The link below is to an article that looks at e-reading and seeks to evaluate the experience of e-reading. What do you think of the opinion expressed in the article? I’d love to hear your thoughts (or at least read them), so please leave them in the comments here.

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Article: E-books are for Porn

The link below is to an article that… well, the opinion expressed in it is nonsense. It seems to me to be an opinion of someone who likes living in the good old days.

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Article: What Kindle to Buy?

The link below is to an article which is really an opinion piece on what Kindle to buy. If looking to buy a Kindle ebook reader, I would recommend the following linked to article.

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Article: Awesome Things About Books

The link below is to an article reporting on five awesome things about books. It’s really an opinion piece about books.

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Not My Review: The Kindle 4

The link below is to a review of the Kindle 4, which incidently I have just purchased myself. I thought it was a fair review of the Kindle 4 and it seems to lean towards my own opinion of the Kindle 4. If you’re interested in buying an ebook reader and in particular a Kindle, the review linked to below is worth a read.

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Books: Are We Getting Dumber?

Does Anyone Read Books Anymore?

The link below is to an article that asks, ‘who reads books these days?’ It’s an interesting question. I have long thought that humanity is becoming dumber, overall. Certainly our overall wealth of knowledge is growing, however, I would argue that the majority of people are getting dumber. Is that a fair statement? I guess it’s a matter of opinion.

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