Ebook Readers Weary Of Hearing These Comments

The link below is to an article that lists 10 things that ebook readers are weary of hearing.

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Article: Ebook Pricing

The link below is to an article that comments on ebook pricing.

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Article: How Much Should Ebooks Cost?

The link below is to an article that considers what the price for ebooks should be – the comments section is also interesting, with some very good thoughts among them.

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Article: BookLikes Review

The link below is to a review of the new BookLikes social network. It is a fairly negative review, but to balance the viewpoint read the comments that were favourable to it when I last looked.

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Article: More on Strategies for Ebook Prices

The link below is to an article that comments on the earlier article concerning strategies for ebook prices. The previous article can be found via the second link.

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Article: Buying Books & Ebooks

The link below is to another article that looks at comments made in the great book and ebook war, which include fronts on the traditional and online bookshop front, digital and traditional books front, etc.

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Article: Amazon not Evil

The link below is to a small article that comments on the worth of Amazon – they make good stuff! I tend to agree – love Amazon, the Kindle and ebooks.

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Article: New Goodreads Review Policy?

The link below is to a review of the Goodreads review policy update. Did you get that? It’s a review of a review policy. Gives me a chuckle every time I read that. Anyway, Goodreads have updated their policy regarding reviews because of the new group that has sprung up with authors ‘attacking’ book reviewers who leave negative comments.

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