Amazon and Goodreads – Keeping Their Readers?

The link below is to an article that takes a look at the relationship between Amazon/Goodreads and the Goodreads members.

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The Battle Against Amazon in Australia

Readers of my Blog will know that I am a fan of Amazon and in particular the Kindle/Kindle Bookstore. I am not paid by Amazon and neither do I receive any perks from Amazon for being so. This is a choice I have made. In fact, I haven’t purchased anything else from Amazon – only ebooks. I think I present the other side of the equation via this Blog, even when I don’t necessarily agree with the other side – at times I do like to add a comment or two, such as here.

The link below is to an article that draws on the anti-Amazon forces here in Australia and I leave it to my readers to make up there own mind about who they will purchase ebooks from. I am happy with the Kindle and Kindle ebooks, but I would prefer to be able to have a more open format which would allow me to read my ebooks on whatever device I choose to without having to use Amazon devices. I also dislike the disparity in ebook prices depending on what country you are in, as well as several other little issues I have. 

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Ebook Returns

The link below is to an article that takes a look at the controversial issue of ebook returns, especially with regard to Amazon.

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