Amazon and Goodreads – Keeping Their Readers?

The link below is to an article that takes a look at the relationship between Amazon/Goodreads and the Goodreads members.

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Goodreads Apologizes to Members whose Reviews it Deleted


Social reading site Goodreads recently infuriated some users when it announced it will delete reviews that focus on an author’s behavior rather than on the contents of a book. Goodreads, which Amazon (s AMZN) acquired earlier this year, has said the policy change is necessary for maintaining a civil community on the site, but on Wednesday it apologized to some users whose reviews were deleted and said it will send them the text of those reviews for their “personal records.”

One user who received such an email posted it in full on BookLikes, a competing site that has seen an influx of users who switched over after boycotting Goodreads due to its new policy. The email said that “we should have notified you and provided you with a copy of your content when we deleted the reviews/shelves” and added:

“We’ve discussed this in more detail with our engineers, and…

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Article: Goodreads Has 20 Million Members

The link below is to an article reporting on the recent membership milestone reached by Goodreads – 20 millions members.

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At the BookShelf (Reading Club/Group)

I have started a book reading club/group in association with the Blog here – ‘At the BookShelf.’ The reading club/group will feature some of the books I post about here and will give opportunity for members to obviously discuss the books being read. This is something I’m quite excited about and look forward to seeing grow. I hope you will get involved with the club/group.

The reading club/group will also be networked with my websites, including the site, providing a social network feature that has been missing at the site for some time. In  doing so, I will also try to network the website, the Blog and the Facebook page into the community that is slowly being built. Please get involved – over time as the network grows, the interaction increases and the fellowship expands, I’m sure it will be a blessing to us all.

The book reading club/group is simply called At the BookShelf (the same as the Blog).

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Changing the World: November 11 – Peace for a Moment

Today’s suggestion for changing the world was doing something to support peace. The suggestion encouraged people to spend a moment to reflect on what I could do to prevent war.

In reality there is probably very little that I can do to prevent wars from occurring. It is once again a noble goal – to prevent war and ensure peace. I just don’t think it will be possible in this world.

The other part of the suggestion was to remember those who have fought and died in wars, especially with this being Armistice/Remembrance Day. Where I work the flags were lowered leading up to 11 am. They were raised again shortly afterwards.

Being that I was working I was unable to observe the 2 minutes silence at 11 am. However, the sacrifice made by those defending our way of life and seeking to return the world to peace, were on my mind.

Anzac Day is going to be an event I will be involved in in future years – not in any official capacity, but to be at the local dawn service to remember those who fought for this country, including various family members.

A response to reading ‘365 Ways to Change the World,’ by Michael Norton