How to Read More Books

The link below is to an article that gives advice on how to read more books each year.

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How To Read More Books

The link below is to an article that takes a look at how to read more books (or you could watch the video).

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Tips For Reading More

I often have thoughts about wanting to read more, especially when I seem to struggle to ‘find’ time to actually read. The article linked to below provides some 11 tips/tricks for reading more and I’m sure we can all find at least one of them useful, if not a bit too obvious after we read them.

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Page 99 Test: Testing Books Out Before You Buy

Page 99 Test is a social network for authors to post page 99 of their book so that users of the site can test their book. The theory is you open page 99 of any book to get the feel of it and to see if it is something that you would like to read – does it grab you enough for you to want to read more? So authors post there page 99 for book lovers to read and then to rate and comment on. So it is a site that you can give feedback to an author prior to the book being published. Anyhow, have a look at the links below and learn more.

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Changing the World: December 9 – Time Capsule

Today’s suggestion is a very interesting one and is all about preserving memories of our current culture by burying a time capsule. The time capsule is of course buried and dug up at some point in the future by another generation (or more) into the future.

What a great idea and I would suggest a good one for a family to do. Perhaps it could be an extension of a family history project.

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A response to reading ‘365 Ways to Change the World,’ by Michael Norton