Goodreads Apologizes to Members whose Reviews it Deleted


Social reading site Goodreads recently infuriated some users when it announced it will delete reviews that focus on an author’s behavior rather than on the contents of a book. Goodreads, which Amazon (s AMZN) acquired earlier this year, has said the policy change is necessary for maintaining a civil community on the site, but on Wednesday it apologized to some users whose reviews were deleted and said it will send them the text of those reviews for their “personal records.”

One user who received such an email posted it in full on BookLikes, a competing site that has seen an influx of users who switched over after boycotting Goodreads due to its new policy. The email said that “we should have notified you and provided you with a copy of your content when we deleted the reviews/shelves” and added:

“We’ve discussed this in more detail with our engineers, and…

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Article: Used Ebook Market

The link below is to an article that raises an interesting question – what becomes of used ebooks? Should they just be deleted or is there another answer?

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