Not My Review: Manual of Church Order, by John L. Dagg

The link below is to a book review of the ‘Manual of Church Order,’ by John L. Dagg.

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The Keith/Albee Vaudeville Theater Collection (MsC356)

The link below is to an article that takes a look at the Keith/Albee Vaudeville Theater Collection (MsC356) of scrapbooks.

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50 Incredibly Tough Books for Extreme Readers


Maybe it’s a Pavlovian response to years of schooling, or that the brisk weather affords more hours inside, or something else entirely, but the fact is this: November seems like the time to take on the heftiest reading on your list. And let’s face the facts: some books are only for the toughest readers on the block, your Sylvester Stallones of literature, as it were. So for those of you who count yourself tough, here’s a list of books for you: some absurdly long, some notoriously difficult, some with intense or upsetting subject matter but blindingly brilliant prose, some packed into formations that require extra effort or mind expansion, and some that fit into none of those categories, but are definitely for tough girls (or guys) only. This list is limited to works of fiction, so straightforward philosophy is out, and a single book per author, so you’ll see Finnegans…

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10 Must-Read Books for November


The eleventh month on the calendar finds us doing more reading inside while curling up under blankets, drinking hot beverages, and if you’re lucky, sitting by a fireplace. All these things really make November a perfect 30 days to take advantage of the cornucopia of titles that will help you make it through the always entertaining Thanksgiving weekend, and the inevitable first bout of gross weather the month usually likes to surprise us with.


White Girls, Hilton Als (November 12th)

It’s been twelve years since Hilton Als put out The Women. Thankfully the New Yorker critic is back with this newest book takes a look at art, books, and music, while also lending his always appreciated thoughts on race, gender, and politics. If you haven’t read enough from one of our best critics, this McSweeney’s collection is a good place to start.


The Isle of Youth, Laura van…

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Our Favorite Pop Culture Librarians


The librarian is one of the most misunderstood figures in pop culture history. The patronizing character John Rothman played in Sophie’s Choice and the “old maid” Donna Reed portrayed in It’s a Wonderful Life are just a few of the negative, unflattering, and downright laughable images of librarians that our society has been inundated with. There are, however, several fine examples of realistic, intelligent, competent, and yes, even sexy librarians in cinema, television, and beyond. We’ve detailed 15 of our favorite fictional librarians, below.

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BuzzFeed Books Won’t Kill Literary Criticism — But Book Snobbery Might


So here’s the thing: yesterday BuzzFeed Books named its new editor, a sometime friend of mine named Isaac Fitzgerald. I knew Isaac as the Managing Editor of a literary site known as The Rumpus, where I was a weekend editor for several months in 2012. 

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Not My Review: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The link below is to a book review of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ by Harper Lee.

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Article: 17 Australian Young Adult Authors

The link below is to an article that takes a look at 17 Australian Young Adult book authors.

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Not My Review: Freaks like Us by Susan Vaught

The link below is to a book review of ‘Freaks like Us,’ by Susan Vaught.

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