Article: WWII – The Story of Billy Young

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The link below is to an article that tells the story of World War II survivor Billy Young. Young was a 16-year-old who survived the Japanese torture of imprisonment during World War II. This piece is an edited selection from the book ‘The Story of Billy Young,’ by Anthony Hill.

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Article: Shoplifting Book on Ethics

The link below is to an article reporting on a man suspected of shoplifting a book on ethics – maybe he should be allowed to keep the book?

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Article: Don’t Mention Amazon

The link below is to an article that tells the story of one writer’s frustration with iBooks and the Apple iBookstore. This is one of the issues I have with Apple – the way they seek to monopolise a market and place unreasonable demands on their customers.

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Not My Review: The Mystery of Providence, by John Flavel

The link below is to a book review on John Flavel’s ‘The Mystery of Providence.’ This is a book I can heartily recommend.

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Book Art: Mike Stilkey

The link below is to an article on the book sculptures of Mike Stilkey, some of which I personally find outstanding.

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Reading: The Hunt for Red October and Jason Bourne

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I am a big fan of Tom Clancy novels and in particular the Jack Ryan series. A number of years ago I read all of the novels published in the series up until the time I moved house and so for the last 5 years I haven’t read any new ones. When I moved I decided I needed to clean out some of my books (and I have a huge library), so I figured the majority of my fiction books could be cleaned out. I always regretted moving the Tom Clancy novels along, though I figured that at some point I could reclaim them as ebooks, which I am now beginning to do.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start reading the series again – right from the beginning. I hesitated as to what order I should read them, given that Patriot Games really was set before The…

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