Website: MagicReader for iPad

The link below is to an iPad app, which allows you to turn pages by simply turning your head. It could be useful for say turning a page while cooking (recipe) and you aren’t able to touch the screen and other miscellaneous situations. It also performs some other reading functions which are described on the site. The app is currently free in the iTunes store.

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Book Art: 3D Magazine Sculptures

The link below is to an article (featuring pictures of the sculptures of course) on the 3D magazine sculptures of Yun-Woo Choi. These aren’t technically books, but they do loosely fit (loosely covers a lot of ground). Personally, these sculptures do very little for me, but others might like them.

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Article: Goodreads & Digital Book Reviewing

As the book world continues its march towards the digital world, book reviewing is also going digital. One of the big social networks for books and book reviewing is Goodreads. The link below is to an article that Looks at both Goodreads and digital book reviewing. 

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Article: Amazon’s Big Fall Books Preview 2012

What are going to be the next big offerings in books/ebooks? Well, Amazon have compiled a list of books/ebooks, which can be found on the Amazon site. 

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