iTunes users spend a lot on apps and music, not so much on ebooks (chart)


On Wednesday morning Apple revealed the latest stats on iTunes video: users have downloaded 1 billion TV episodes and 380 million movies total, at the rate of 800,000 TV episodes and over 350,000 movies per day. Combined with the company’s recent revelation that it has 575 million active iTunes(s AAPL) accounts now, one interesting takeaway is that, while the number of iTunes accounts has grown substantially in the last five years, the amount users are spending on video hasn’t changed very much.

Horace Dediu made some calculations and plotted all of the data on a chart over at his Asymco blog:

Based on these latest numbers, Dediu calculated how much iTunes users spend per year on different types of media. He says it’s “about $9/yr on Software, $2/yr on books, $16/yr on apps $12/yr on music and $4/yr on video.”

On one hand, this chart backs up something we already…

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Website: MagicReader for iPad

The link below is to an iPad app, which allows you to turn pages by simply turning your head. It could be useful for say turning a page while cooking (recipe) and you aren’t able to touch the screen and other miscellaneous situations. It also performs some other reading functions which are described on the site. The app is currently free in the iTunes store.

For more visit:

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Random Thoughts

I don’t often buy music any more. On the odd occasion I may, if I believe the price is reasonable, grab a CD or these days something of the iTunes site. Generally though I stopped buy music a long time ago. Why? Well, in my opinion it was far too overpriced. A CD with just 8 songs on it or perhaps even less than 8, for the price they were charging – no way!

Now I have a subscription to Spotify and I can stream (and save playlists to my lap top) music for a very reasonable price. Not everything is on Spotify, but I will still buy something from iTunes should I wish to – such as a couple of The Voice Australia songs.

For me, buying music or not buying music was never about could I get a pirated version. I stopped buying music because it was too…

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Free Book: Free Audio Books

The link below is to a website that offers free audio books in mp3, iPod or iTunes format. Perhaps you can ‘read’ a book while driving to work.

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Free Book: Books Should Be Free

Download Free Audio Books as mp3s, iPod or iTunes Format

Books Should Be Free provides a large number of free audio books to download. All of these recordings are of books in the public domain. So if you’re busy and can’t actually read a book yourself, but perhaps travelling, maybe a free audio book is something to consider.

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