3D-Printed Book Covers

The link below is to an article that takes a look at 3D-printed book covers – is this the way of the future for traditional books?

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Article: Ebook Covers

The link below is to an article that asks the question, ‘when will ebook covers evolve?’ It’s a good question – and when will ebooks themselves evolve beyond a typical traditional book appearance?

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Article: Amazon Testing Kindle Ebook Cover Generator

The link below is to an article that looks at a new project by Amazon to improve ebooks for Kindle, by testing an ebook cover generator.

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Article: Book Cover Trends to End for 2013

The link below is to an article that lists a number of book cover trends that the writer would like to see end before 2013 – do you agree? Tell us what you think.

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Facebook Page: At the BookShelf

I have been working on a Facebook Page for At the BookShelf. This is now live and has been for a little while. I am looking at ways to broaden the horizon for At the BookShelf and a Facebook page is a good start. I still need to add a cover picture and profile picture – if anyone has a suggestion please feel free to let me know via the page.

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At the BookShelf.

Kindle: I Finally Have One

After a number of years of reading ebooks on my lap top and before that on my old computer, I have now got myself a Kindle – the Kindle 4. A little bit of trial and error – a bit of playing about with it and I think I now have it worked out (more or less). I’m thrilled with it I have to say. I’ll finally be able to read ebooks without having to set up the lap top – so much easier with the Kindle. So I have loaded a couple of books onto it with the USB connection to the lap top, so I’m set to go. Now I can take my reading with me wherever I go and not be worried about a bulky set up of any description.

I have also bought the Kindle cover for it, that way the screen will be protected and my investment won’t meet an unhappy and early death.

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