Article: Order has Arrived

Here in Australia, we would say ‘only in America.’ The link below is to a classic article about a man who called police when a package was discovered on his front doorstep.

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Changing the World: December 6 – Tree Dressing

Today’s suggestion is about honouring a tree/s. This one is a little too much like tree worship for my liking, though the idea of preserving trees and planting more – greening the world – is an idea I greatly support.

The actual idea is about dressing up a tree with various decorations and the like in order to honour a tree.

A response to reading ‘365 Ways to Change the World,’ by Michael Norton

‘The Reformers and Their Stepchildren,’ by Leonard Verduin

As readers of this Blog would know, I have been reading ‘The Reformers and Their Stepchildren,’ by Leonard Verduin. I have now completed this book and maintain that this is a book that should be read by all Reformed believers. It is a brilliant treatment of both the Reformers and those who sought a more ‘radical’ reform, in order to bring the church back to that which was modelled on the New Testament example.

Verduin deals with many of the disputed areas between the Reformers and the Stepchildren, and in so doing shows how the Reformers chose to go only so far in their work of reformation and indeed how some chose to back peddle in some areas. As much as I respect many of the Reformers (if not all), I have always been saddened by their refusal to fully reform the church/separate from it, and to set up a church based on the New Testament model, which was something the stepchildren also sought. The Reformers treatment of the stepchildren will always be a blight on their legacy also.

Read this book without being biased either way and allow the truth of the Scriptures to determine the path on which you walk. There is much food for thought in this book and a real challenge for Reformed believers throughout.