The Washington Post Is Now Free On Amazon Kindles

A Washington Post magazine-style Kindle app sounds like a win for the paper and Amazon


Some recent articles about the Washington Post have noted that being owned by [company]Amazon[/company] CEO Jeff Bezos hasn’t resulted in any dramatic changes to the newspaper, apart from some work on a new content-management system — but something fairly major is coming soon, according to a report at Bloomberg Businessweek. Brad Stone, a technology writer whose contacts at Amazon have proven fairly reliable in the past, says the newspaper is working on a magazine-style subscription app that will be released soon for the Kindle.

According to Stone’s article, a team within the Washington Post has been working on the app for the past several months as part of something called Project Rainbow, an effort being run by Kerry Lauerman, former editor-in-chief of Salon magazine. As the Businessweek article describes it:

A group inside the Post has been working on a new application that will offer a curated selection of news…

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50 Cultural Icons on Their Favorite Books


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