Is Flipboard a partner or a competitor for publishers and content creators? Yes


Flipboard has always had a somewhat double-edged relationship with the publishers who create the bulk of the content that flows through its apps: it theoretically gets those content creators a larger audience, and in some cases it does revenue-sharing advertising deals with them, but it also keeps a lot of the benefit for itself. That tension between Flipboard’s interests and the interests of content companies or media outlets was highlighted again on Tuesday, with the news that the company has launched a web version of its platform, which allows Flipboard content to be viewed through any web browser.

In the beginning, Flipboard offered publishers what seemed like a sweet deal: a magazine-style app that would allow their content to look great on an iPad or other mobile device, which saved them the cost and hassle of developing their own apps and/or offered a possible alternative to them, a special…

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Flipboard launches its mobile magazines on the web


Flipboard is making its custom magazines available on the web, the company announced Tuesday. Until now, the magazines, which Flipboard launched in March, were only available to read through Flipboard’s mobile apps.

Flipboard’s magazines feature lets users create magazines from content found through Flipboard’s apps and on the web, and it was a move toward turning Flipboard from a publisher-centric platform to a user-centric platform. Now, with Tuesday’s update, readers can access those custom magazines from their web browsers the way they do in apps, flipping the pages with the keyboard’s arrow keys or by swiping the trackpad. Below, for instance, is GigaOm’s Flipboard magazine “GigaOM Reads” on the web. You can browse through the magazines on the web here. Flipboard says that since March, readers have created over two million magazines.

GigaOM Reads

Flipboard’s web-reading experience doesn’t duplicate all the capabilities of the app. Users will still have to…

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