Article: Slow Book Movement

The link below is to an article reporting on the ‘Slow Book Movement.’ Don’t know what the Slow Book Movement could possibly be about? Take a look at the article – could be just what you need.

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Article: 1DollarScan

The link below is to an article on the scanning service 1DollarScan. The service will scan your old books and make them into an ebook.

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Article: Kindle Fire Update

The link below is to an article on the latest software update for the Kindle Fire, which makes the Kindle more social. There are also some other great digital book enhancements.

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Free Book: A God Entranced Vision of All Things – The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards

The link below is to a Blog where you can get a free ebook copy of this book, which is edited by John Piper and Justin Taylor. This book examines the character and teaching of Jonathan Edwards, a pastor from the era of the Great Awakening in the USA.

How do you get a copy? Simply leave a request in the comments section of the post linked to below.

If you would like other books visit the Blog, subscribe to it to keep up to date on what books are available and tell your friends about the site.

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Article: Toilet Paper Tweets

The link below is to an article on a website called ‘Shitter.’ Yeah, great name for the service I guess, which is ‘publishing (pushing the limit here again)’ toilet paper with your tweets on it.

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