Not My Review: ‘The Censor’s Library,’ by Nicole Moore

The link below is to a book review that I didn’t write. The book being reviewed is ‘The Censor’s Library,’ by Nicole Moore. This book is about the banned books of Australia, stored away in an archive and making up some 793 boxes of books. It looks into the history of censorship of imported books in Australia.

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Website: Pinterest and Pin A Quote

How to Use Pinterest for Quotes

The link below is to a website that allows you to highlight any text and pin it to a Pinterest board. There is a small cost for using the service. The site provides a video on how it works and also examples of how people use it. Pinterest is becoming even more useful.

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Video: Benjamin Franklin on Drinking Beer

The video below may be of some help to authors/writers who may be looking for various descriptive words or phrases that describe having drunk a little too much beer. The video has 220 synonyms used by Benjamin Franklin for being drunk.

Book Review: Currently Reading – Print is Dead, by Jeff Gomez

I have been reading ‘Print is Dead – Books in our Digital Age,’ by Jeff Gomez and have now reached ‘Writers in a Digital Future.’ Here Gomez explores the possibilities for authors, possibilities that weren’t available in the past. Some attempts at interactive narrative have appeared prior to the digital world, but the opportunities for experimentation are now seemingly endless. As I have mentioned before, the possibilities now exist for the inclusion of various media, such as pictures, music, video, etc. Hyperlinks to other features can now be included in ebooks, allowing in-depth studies of characters for novel writers/readers, treatments of historical events at length and so on. There is just so much room for experimentation in the digital world for authors of all genres, even in ways perhaps not yet imagined.

There is however more opportunity for the digital author, for he/she is now able to interact with the reader via means other than the actual ebook being read. The opportunity exists for collaborative websites, forum and chat room interaction, live video interviews and so many other avenues to interact with fans and readers of his/her material. Of course social networks like Facebook and MySpace provide the means for setting up fan pages and the like also.

So the digital world offers many opportunites and the possibilities for a brave new world of literature are there waiting to be seized. Sooner, rather than later, the digital future will arrive in a big way and authors/publishers need to be ready to meet the online demand that will surely come.

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