A Look at Some Bookshelves

The link below is to an article that takes a look at 28 unique bookshelves currently on the market.

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Article: Unique Libraries

The links below are to articles that take a look at some unique libraries.

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Website: Book Lover Ornaments

The link below is to a site that offers a range of book lover ornaments – perhaps a good place to get that unique gift for a bibliophile you know.

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BookCrossing is simply giving a book an identity and releasing it into the world, then watching its progress from person to person via the BookCrossing website, where each book has its own unique profile. 

Some time ago I registered with BookCrossing and released a book ‘into the wild.’ What happened to that book is unknown to me as nothing was ever registered on the BookCrossing site. It has since been a long time and I’m about to release another book. 

I have a box of books ready to go, but have been limited by a lack of a car from participating too much in the BookCrossing experiment. Now I’m ready to go again and hope to find good places to release books, where others will pick them up and read them, then pass them along (or keep them if they like – that is fine with me).

The link below is to my profile at BookCrossing:
BookCrossing – particularkev’s Bookshelf.

Website: NovelPoster – Literary and Twitter Posters

Here’s a site that may be of interest to bibliophiles who are interested in having artwork that’s a bit different, yet reflects their own unique reading character and personality.

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