Article: Future of Bookstores

The link below is to an article that looks at the battle to save bookstores. It includes the idea that ebook sales are diminishing and have reached their peak, which I think is little more than fiction (pun intended).

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Article: Save Your Favorite Quotes with Findings

The link below is to an article that provides a tutorial on the web application ‘Findings,’ which allows you to save your favourite quotes.

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Tips for Tech: Money Jar

In one of my other Blogs I have an occasional post that I call ‘Tips for Life,’ which means the post is basically a daily life hack type of post which covers something for making life easier. So in this Blog I’m starting an occasional post called ‘Tips for Tech,’ which will basically be a post aimed at making daily practical life a little easier in the area of technology – specifically in the area of books and reading.

Today’s ‘Tips for Tech’ post, the link below is to an article which provides a fairly simple way to save a few dollars here and there to buy what you need – Ebook Reader, a few ebooks, etc.

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Article: How to Save a Bookshop

The link below is to an article on how to save a bookshop. It is the first in a series of posts which can be followed by links following the article.

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Article: Burning Books to Save the Library

The link below is to an article concerning a campaign to save the local public library. The novel approach involved the burning of books.

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Article: Can the Internet Save Book Reviews?

The following link is to an article about the Internet and book reviews. With the reduction of book reviews in print media, is the Internet now the means and future for sharing book reviews?

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Social networks and web applications are rapidly multiplying all over the web and it should come as no surprise that a large number of such sites are dedicated to books in one way or another – as well as being useful to those that read books, offering ways to save and share quotes, words, etc. At the BookShelf will be bringing these types of sites to the notice of its readers, as I think they can be of tremendous use and benefit. Some will be useful to most and maybe others to very few, but they are all useful to someone, with the possible odd exception of course. is a site that allows you to store your ebook library in the cloud, meaning that you can access it wherever you are, provided you have Internet access and the necessary device to do so. Your device only needs a modern web browser in order to use provides it own software, so it will work in your device in a similar way to an ebook reader (the website explains how to use the software when reading a book).

Do you really need Well that is another question – if you have a Kindle for example, you probably do not as you already have your library handy (or a very large selection of it on your device) and an ebook reader. However, if you do not have an ebook reader as such on your device (lap top, etc), could be very handy and useful. Either way, it won’t hurt to have a look and decide for yourself.

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Internet Archive: Hard Copy Ark

The link below is to a great article on one of my favorite websites – the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive is also setting up a ‘hard copy ark,’ in which they are trying to save a copy of every book for the future. It’s a great site and a great idea.

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