New Gift Option with Kindle Books

The links below are to articles that look at a new gifting option with Kindle Books.

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Article: Saving Web Articles to read on a Kindle Reader

The link below is to a brilliant article on how to save web articles to read later on your Kindle ebook reader. It’s a tutorial on how it’s done. The article includes Instapaper as an option, which is the application that I use. There are other possibilities included. A great little tutorial.

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ARTICLE: Opinion on the Future of Bookshops

The article below is an opinion piece on the future of bookshops. It was not written by me, but may be of interest to readers.

For those who may be interested in my opinion – I think bookshop owners need to seriously consider an online option for their store. I do not believe that bookshops can survive long into the future without an online presence, which includes a delivery capability.