Article: Penguin Settles in Europe

The link below is to an article that reports on the European settlement for Penguin in price-fixing investigation.

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Article: The Winners and Losers of the Ebook Price Fixing Scandal

The link below is to an article on the latest news concerning the ebook price fixing scandal under investigation in the USA.

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Article: Ebook Price Fixing with Apple and Publishers

Investigation Into Alleged Price Fixing in the USA

The links below are to articles into alleged ebook price fixing involving Apple and various book publishers.

History of the United States, from the Discovery of the American Continent – Volume 1, by George Bancroft

I have been working on getting this volume onto the Tracing our History – History website for some time. I did have about three chapters on the site in HTML format, but have now begun getting the volume up in PDF format. This is taking some time, especially with the large number of footnotes in the text, which I am seeking to have available quickly via links to the footnotes and links that return to the text from the footnotes. The time being spent on this will allow a very good and useful ebook when completed I think. I do have plans to make the entire set of volumes on the History of the United States available over time.

I would recommend the volume I am currently reading (volume 1) as a very good treatment on the European discovery and colonization of the United States. For those outside of the United States (like me) – and quite possibly many within the United States – this work provides a very easy to read and informative history of this period. For those interested in further research, the footnotes provide plenty of material for further reading and investigation, drawing on a wealth of historical material and treatments.