Will copyright be extended 20 more years? An old debate returns


Congress is conducting a review of America’s copyright laws, a process that could shape culture and creativity for a generation or more. While the process has so far focused on how to stop piracy, some are asking if Hollywood will try to extend copyright terms once again in order to prevent works like Mickey Mouse from falling into the public domain.

The question came up on the Volokh Conspiracy, a blog popular with legal types, where a law prof proposed starting a pool on whether Congress would extend copyright terms by another 20 years.

While the larger debate has been relatively quiet so far, it could flare up again as it did in the late 1990s when the last 20-year extension led to a bitter legal fight between scholars and librarians on one hand, and Hollywood and the music industry on the other. The entertainment industry ultimately prevailed at…

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Article: Copyright Extension Make Books Unavailable

The link below is to an article that takes a look at copyright extension and how books are made unavailable by it.

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Article: Chrome – Send to Kindle

Amazon has released a Chrome extension for sending articles on the web to read later on the Kindle.

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The link below is to an article reporting on nine companies seeking the .book Internet domain name extension, including Amazon of course.

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Changing the World: December 9 – Time Capsule

Today’s suggestion is a very interesting one and is all about preserving memories of our current culture by burying a time capsule. The time capsule is of course buried and dug up at some point in the future by another generation (or more) into the future.

What a great idea and I would suggest a good one for a family to do. Perhaps it could be an extension of a family history project.

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A response to reading ‘365 Ways to Change the World,’ by Michael Norton