Article: Libraries Begin Fining People for not Picking up Holds

The article linked to below concerns libraries in Canada fining users who fail to pick up their ‘hold.’ What do you think about these sorts of fines? They are meant to keep books available for those who actually will use the books kept on hold.

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Fresh Start

I have neglected this Blog a bit – a fair bit – and for that I apologise. I am hoping to change that a bit from now on and post at least once a week, if not more. I have been really busy – which is the truth of the matter. I maintain a lot of sites and Blogs, with some of them getting major re-designs and so on. That is still an ongoing process, but I no longer want that to stand in the way of this Blog.

So a fresh start from today. I won’t post updates on what has been posted before, but begin with a fresh approach, etc. So on to the first post in my ‘reawakening’ here.