Article: Pressure Reading

The link below is to an article that considers pressure reading – that is reading while feeling pressure from reading social networks such as Goodreads. I can’t say that I feel any pressure like this – what about you? Share your experiences in the comments.

For more visit:

2 thoughts on “Article: Pressure Reading

  1. Interesting link! I am with you, I never feel this ‘pressure reading’…potentially because I never read sites like amazon or good reads 🙂

  2. I’m a member of Goodreads, but I have to confess to not really taking much notice of any book reviews posted there – or on Amazon, which I also frequent. I usually pay little attention to book reviews in general, with the exception when I’m trying to find out just what a book is actually about (titles aren’t always clear). This is especially the situation when looking at nonfiction – spoilers aren’t really an issue as history has already made clear what the book will be about.

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