Study Finds Ebook Readers Read More

The link below is to an article that reports on a report that found ebook readers read more than other readers.

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Audiobook and Ebook Use Rising in US

It seems there is a new report every 5 minutes telling us that ebook use is declining or rising, now there is a new one telling us that audiobook and ebook use is rising in the USA. The link below is to an article reporting on the rise.

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Article: Pew Research Center – The Rise of E-reading

The following link is to an article reporting on the rise of e-reading in the United States. The Pew Research Center conducted research into e-reading and the full report is availble via the link below.

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Changing the World: November 28 – Freedom of the Press

Today’s suggestion is to support what is basically the freedom of the press and/or personal expression via the written word especially.

Anyone who has followed my Blogs would know that there have been cases where a Blogger has been imprisoned for his/her views. This has been so of Christians in Islamic countries for example.

Supporting the right of expression via the written word is something I do via my Blogs. I report news of Christian Bloggers and those who witness for Christ that are persecuted.

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A response to reading ‘365 Ways to Change the World,’ by Michael Norton

Changing the World: November 19 – Stopping Child Pornography

This post doesn’t require a lot of explanation I don’t think. The suggestion is to do whatever we can in the war against child pornography – I agree 100% and will do whatever I can. Report it to the authorities at every opportunity and every time.