Ebooks: Ownership/Sale or License?

The link below is to an interesting article that takes a look at whether the sale of an ebook is a purchase/ownership deal or a license.

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Article: Amazon & Goodreads

Yes, another article on Amazon & Goodreads – I do want to get across the reaction of all perspectives on the sale of Goodreads to Amazon. I like to be fair and unbiased, though I also like to express my own opinions.

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Article: Not a Happy Camper – Against Amazon Purchasing Goodreads

The link below is to an article reporting on an example of unhappiness over Amazon’s purchase of Goodreads.

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Article: More on Amazon’s Purchase of Goodreads

The link below is to an article that reports on Amazon’s purchase of Goodreads and speculates as to the reason why.

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This Little Church Went to Market – The Church in the Age of Entertainment, by Gary Gilley

I have decided to start reading this book again. I have mentioned ‘This Little Church Went to Market’ in an earlier post in At the BookShelf and this is linked to below:


Back in October 2010 when I started to read this book I put it aside for some reason – I may have gone on holiday and forgot about it on my return. Anyhow, I decided to take it up again and then to read the two other books that come after it as per my original post. So that is my plan over the next few weeks and months.

This Little Church Went to Market, by Gary Gilley, was first published in 2002 by Xulon Press (ISBN: 1 5916 0049 9). The edition I have is that published as a paperback by Evangelical Press in 2010 (ISBN: 0-85234-596-8 & ISBN-13 978-085234-596-2). The book was revised and updated in 2006. My edition has 142 pages, so it isn’t a large book by any means.

So about to start reading the book – feel free to read it also and join in the discussion on it.


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I have added this book to read at the book group at BookClubIt. Please join in the discussion at the book group or add your thoughts here on the Blog.

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