Barnes & Noble and Microsoft call off their Nook partnership


In the middle of yet another disappointing earnings report Thursday, Barnes & Noble announced that it’s terminating the strategic partnership it formed with Microsoft in 2012. That partnership had combined Barnes & Noble’s Nook and college businesses into a division called Nook Media, into which Microsoft invested $300 million.

According to the company:

Such termination will allow the Company to continue its rationalization of the NOOK Digital business and enhances Barnes & Noble’s operational and strategic flexibility.  The termination also relieves Microsoft of any obligation to continue to fund support and other payments set forth in the commercial agreement between the partners.

Barnes & Noble is also buying out Microsoft’s stake in Nook Media.

When the partnership was formed in 2012, the idea was that [company]Microsoft[/company] would help finance Nook’s international expansion and that Nook apps and content would be loaded onto Windows devices, thus ridding Microsoft of…

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Overdrive and Smashwords

I have a ‘membership’ with Smashwords – why? I don’t know. I never use them anymore and barely ever did. The link below is to an article which really sums up my view of Smashwords as it covers the partnership between Overdrive and Smashwords.

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Samsung & Amazon Partnership

The link below is to an article that takes a look at the new partnership between Samsung and Amazon, which includes a new Kindle app and a free book service called ‘Samsung Book Deals.’

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Scribd and Lonely Planet Partnership

The rapidly advancing ebook subscription service Scribd, has teamed up with Lonely Planet to form a travel category. The link below is to an article reporting on this new partnership.

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Article: Ebrary Launches Android App

Library ebook distributor ebrary is soon to release an Android app, which will allow users of libraries to read ebooks they have borrowed from them – provided the library has a partnership with ebrary of course.

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Article: Microsoft to Join Barnes & Noble in Formation of Newco

The link below is to an article concerning a partnership between Microsoft and Barnes & Noble in the formation of Newco, which will look to develop digital reading products.

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