Amazon’s Bezos thinks ebooks made the book industry healthier


“The book industry is in better shape than it ever has been and it’s due to ebooks,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told an audience on Tuesday in a wide-ranging interview that addressed the company’s drone plans, its campus culture and its indifference to pain of short-term shareholders.

Speaking at a BusinessInsider event in New York, Bezos downplayed [company]Amazon’s[/company] recent high-profile spat with publisher Hachette as a run-of-the-mill fight with a supplier, adding that it’s the essential job of any retailer to fight for the best price for its customers.

As for the publishing industry and its authors, Bezos argued that $30 is too high a price for books, and that lower prices will lead to more readers, which will in turn benefit everyone. And in a remark that may have been intended to head off antitrust arguments, he urged people to consider book prices in the context of a larger entertainment market.

“Books don’t…

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Changing the World: December 21 – Solar Cooking

Today’s suggestion is about replacing cooking methods that damage the environment and harm the health of people doing the cooking with a much healthier and environmentally friendly method of cooking. This method is solar cooking, which assists in limiting deforestation and desertification, as well as reducing the problems associated with inhalation of smoke on a continuous basis.

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A response to reading ‘365 Ways to Change the World,’ by Michael Norton