Infographic: The Reading Habits of Millennials

The link below is to an infographic that takes a look at the reading habits of Millenials and what can be learnt from them.

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2018 World Reading Habits

The link below is to an article and infographic looking at the world’s reading habits in 2018.

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Australian Reading Survey

The link below is to an article that takes a look at a survey conducted by the Australia Council and Macquarie University on Australian reading habits.

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How I audited my daily media habits and improved the way I read


Creating web content is incredibly easy — but filtering content is really hard. In late 2014, I realized I was reading too much bad content. I felt enraged by some of the articles I clicked on, because they were such a thoughtless waste of my time.

I got so frustrated that I decided to invest serious effort in fixing the problem on my end, instead of fruitlessly swearing at my laptop. I hoped to determine what what was non-optimal about my media habits, and how I could improve them.  So I audited my habits (with a spreadsheet and everything!) — and what I learned might surprise you.

Current clickbait solutions

I’m not alone in my anger about clickbait and my desire for a better media diet.  There’s plenty of mocking commentary about this, like The Onion’s satirical site ClickHole, or the amazing Twitter feed Saved You A Click by…

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Article: Young Still Reading Traditional Books

The link below is to an article that investigates the reading habits of young people in the US. Its conclusion is that for the time being young people are continuing to read traditional books.

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Article: Kids Reading Habits Are Changing

The link below is to an article that reports on the changing reading habits of children, from traditional to digital material.

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