Article: PDF4Kindle

The link below is to an article that looks at PDF4Kindle, which as the name suggests, converts pdf format files to Kindle format files.

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Article: Epub2Mobi – Convert Ebook Formats

The link below is to an article that takes a brief look at Epub2Mobi, an ebook format conversion site.

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Article: Using Calibre – Ebook Conversion Basics

The link below is to an article on using Calibre for converting ebook formats.

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Website: The Book Stand

The Book Stand is a Tumblr Blog I operate, focussing on ebooks. I post concerning free ebooks, with the occasional post offering what I consider to be a good deal on an ebook. Most posts are for the Kindle platform, though there is the occasional post concerning ebooks in other formats that I sometimes come across. There are also various infographics, pictures and quotes that have to do with ebooks, reading, libraries, etc.

My most recent series of posts (today) include a great quantity of free ebooks available in the Kindle format and will be of especial interest to those interested in nonfiction works concerning the US Civil War, various other historical and biographical works and theological works, as well as some collections of classic works.

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