Famous Book Hoarders

The link below is to an article that takes a look at 10 famous book hoarders. According to the article I qualify as a book hoarder, which to be honest, I already knew. How about you? Are you officially a book hoarder?

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10 Famous Bookshops

The link below is to an article that looks at 10 of the most famous bookshops in the world.

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12 Must-Read Collections of Famous Authors’ Letters


Letters of Note, the popular website that publishes exactly what its name implies, has finally put out a book filled with letters sent by everyone from Virginia Woolf to Nick Cave to Jack the Ripper. Not too surprisingly, that collection is also titled Letters of Note.

What might draw us to these letters is the fact that we just don’t send physical mail as much as we used to. Email correspondences are locked behind passwords, and no great thinkers have offered up the contents of their inbox to be published in a book (yet…). Letters of Note, both the site and this new collection, is a throwback of sorts, but the letters it publishes also help us understand famous people we are interested in, and give us a different way of looking into their thoughts.

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Article & Photos: First Advertisements for Famous Books

The link below is to an article (with photos) featuring the first advertisements for famous books.

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Article: Famous Novelists on Symbolism in Their Work

The link below is to an article that investigates symbolism in the work of famous novelists and whether it was intentional.

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