Searching Your Library With Evernote

The link below is to an article that provides one way to search your physical library with Evernote. If you have other suggestions on how to use Evernote with books/ebooks, please leave a comment with your use/suggestion.

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How Writers Use Evernote

The links below are to articles that look at how writers use Evernote.

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Article: How to Get Your Kindle Highlights Into Evernote

The link below is to an article that explains how you can get your Kindle highlights into Evernote.

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Website: Evernote & 1DollarScan – Book Scanning Service

I’m not sure I follow just what this site is about yet. I’ll need to have a closer look at it as the front page linked to here seems to confuse me (or it’s just getting late). Anyhow, this could be of interest and some use.

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Video: Skitch – An Introduction

Sure, this web application isn’t directly about books or libraries, but it can be useful while using books – particularly ebooks. So hopefully it will be of interest to someone. I love Evernote and this is from the Evernote people, so I don’t mind plugging it.