Transferring Ebooks and Documents to Kindles From Tablets and Phones

The link below is to an article which shows how to transfer ebooks/documents from tablets/phones to a Kindle.

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PDF Ebooks?

The links below are to two articles that look at whether pdf documents can be considered ebooks or not – I know I have uploaded a number of pdf documents of out of copyright works and would consider them ‘ebooks.’ So what do the ‘experts’ think? Well, ponder these two articles and make up your own mind on the issue.

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Kindle: How To Send eBooks, Documents, And Articles To Your Kindle App Or eReader

The link below is to an article that looks at how to send content to a Kindle App of Kindle Ebook Reader.

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Article: Draft2Digital

The link below is to an article that looks at the service ‘Draft2Digital,’ which turns Word documents into ebooks.

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Article: Timbuktu Manuscripts Saved from Islamists

The link below is to an article that reports on the latest news from Timbuktu concerning old and rare documents saved from Islamists in Mali.

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Free Book: History of the Boston Massacre – Frederic Kidder (1870)

This book is for history enthusiasts and concerns what has come down to us as the ‘Boston Massacre.’ The Boston Massacre was an important incident that led up to the American War of Independence. This book contains an account of the incident, as well as information on the town of Boston, the trial of the soldiers involved in the incident and a number of unpublished documents attributed to John Adams (who would become the second president of the United States) who defended the British troops
in their trial.

The book is some 320 pages long and can be downloaded as a pdf, as well as a number of other formats as shown on the page linked to.

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