Article: eBook Hoarding

I’ve always had a thing for books. Well, certainly since I was able to afford buying them when I began my working life anyway. I devour books – have done for years. Many years in fact. Traditional books are everywhere in my house and have been in every house wherever I lived, whether a small place or large. Even when living in a caravan park for a while, with the vast majority of my books in storage I kept at it – buying and hoarding books. Not rubbish books – I don’t collect garbage! Which makes me a little different from the author of the article linked to below.

With the advent of ebooks, my hoarding ways have continued. Sure, I have stopped hoarding traditional books (more of them anyway – at any great speed – just the odd one here and there). I now hoard ebooks and I have a virtual truckload of them – possibly two. However, I still refuse to collect rubbish.

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History of the United States, from the Discovery of the American Continent, by George Bancroft – Volume 1

Some time ago I began to place on my website – ‘Kevin’s Family – Online History Site’ – a work by George Bancroft entitled ‘History of the United States, from the Discovery of the American Continent.’ Progress on this project has been painfully slow and I am only now returning to it. What small progress has been made and what progress will be made as time progresses can be monitored at: