Finished Reading: A Bigger Picture by Malcolm Turnbull

A Bigger PictureA Bigger Picture by Malcolm Turnbull
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Though full of self promotion and adoration of self, I quite enjoyed this book. I don’t think it was a tough read, though the self-praise was a little tedious at times. The ex-PM’s views will not be to everyone’s liking (I for one don’t agree with him on everything), however, I do think the book is worth reading and considering – he does make you think about policy areas and that is eminently a good thing.

Though panned in some circles for his assessment of colleagues (if they can be called that), I don’t believe he has been that harsh in his assessment of them. Indeed, a good number probably deserve a more thorough expose than they get, as well as a greater evaluation of their worth – which would then be far harsher than is dished out here.

I think it is a very useful treatment of the period, though it would be unwise to accept this as the only source material in assessing the Turnbull government. As other material of the period becomes available, it will then be seen as to just how valuable this particular tome can be considered.

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