Amazon launches Kindle textbook tool to compete with iBooks Author


We often think of digital textbooks as being read on iPads, and Apple rolled out iBooks Author, which lets users create textbooks and other interactive ebooks, in 2012. But Amazon, not surprisingly, wants in on the self-published textbook action, and on Thursday launched Kindle Textbook Creator, a beta tool that lets users convert graphics-heavy PDFs into ebooks.

Authors can also add highlighting, flashcards and some other features to the books. Textbook Creator is available for free download on Mac or Windows here.

The tool is only available in English and, according to the FAQ, “textbooks and other content created using Kindle Textbook Creator can only be sold via the Amazon Kindle Store as outlined in Amazon’s Software End User License Agreement.” Apple’s similar rule caused a lot of consternation when iBooks Author launched.

One thing I’m wondering about here is the revenue split. Right now, [company]Amazon[/company] KDP…

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