Here’s how much Smashwords authors will get paid through ebook subscription service Oyster


In the past couple of months, two ebook subscription services — Oyster and Scribd — have launched. Both aim to be a “Netflix (S NFLX) for ebooks,” providing unlimited access to ebooks from a variety of publishers for a set monthly fee.

Both Oyster and Scribd have been fairly circumspect about how authors are paid when their books are accessed through the apps — in part because the terms may vary slightly by publisher. Now, though, we’re getting a little bit more information on how author payments through Oyster work.

Self-publishing distributor Smashwords is letting its authors include their ebooks in Oyster. On Friday, Smashwords CEO Mark Coker sent authors and publishers an email explaining how the financial terms of the arrangement will work:

“As a Smashwords author or publisher, you’ll earn 60 percent of your book’s retail list price whenever an Oyster subscriber reads more than 10 percent of…

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