Ebook Lending & Bookshops

The link below is to an article that looks at ebook lending and bookshops – does ebook lending impact on book sales?

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Not My Review: An Artist of the Floating World, by Kazuo Ishiguro (1986)

The link below is to a book review of ‘An Artist of the Floating World,’ by Kazuo Ishiguro.

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Not My Review: Baptist Foundations, Edited by Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman

The link below is to a book review of ‘Baptist Foundations,’ Edited by Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman.

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Kindle Paperwhite: How to Adjust the Brightness

The link below is to an article that explains how to adjust the brightness on the Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader.

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Not My Review: Money – A Suicide Note, by Martin Amis (1984)

The link below is to a book review of ‘Money – A Suicide Note,’ by Martin Amis.

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Coloring books are suddenly catching on with adults

Originally posted on Quartz:

There are Facebook pages devoted to adult colorers. There are coloring clubs. People who motivate themselves to pay off debt by coloring. Game of Thrones is making a coloring book.

What this means: Coloring is now a normal adult activity.

Thanks largely to a recent wave of publicity over the release of illustrator Johanna Basford’s second coloring book, coloring books as a whole have been enjoying their 15 minutes of fame.

Taking over bestseller lists

Actually, they’ve been enjoying a lot more than 15 minutes: Basford’s book, Enchanted Forest, is #9 on the UK Amazon best selling books page as of June 28, and has been in the top 100 list for 113 days. Her first adult coloring book, Secret Garden, was published two years ago but it sits close behind Enchanted Forest in the number 11 spot, and it’s been in the top 100 for 211 days.

And Basford isn’t alone…

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Amazon may be the world’s favourite bookstore—followed by Flipkart

Originally posted on Quartz:

In a business environment that has seen industries decimated by the rise of digital, one sector showing resilience is that of books.

“Books are not like recorded music,” says Shaun Symonds, general manager of Nielsen Bookscan.

If anything, the total global market for books is growing, as confirmed in research by PwC and others:

Total Market for Global Books Continues to grow. Total Market for Global Books Continues to grow.

If you adjust for the effects of the closure of major book chains such as Borders, there is in fact only one or two years of decline in sales volume over the last decade in most major markets. Every other year including the most recent year’s figures reflect a modest year-on-year growth in total books (including eBooks) sold in the year before.

That’s not to say there’s not been significant disruption and consolidation in the industry. A large part of the highest-value, highest-margin segments of the business such…

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